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Voice and Piano lessons in your home!


Welcome music lovers! I am a passionate teacher, singer, and musician based in NYC who loves sharing the incredible training I was fortunate to receive. I offer lessons both in your home and mine (UES)! My mission with every student I teach is to bring out their inner musician, tap into what brings them joy, as well as encourage them to be curious, ask questions, try new things, and make mistakes! Learning is a journey and I am serious about making it FUN. I know how intense kids' lives are today, so I work hard to make the process of studying voice and/or piano a joy, while giving them the tools to be independent musicians!


As a voice teacher I have unique background and therefore offer something other voice teachers cannot: a broad understanding of many genres, which allows me to offer the student a wider variety of music to explore! I was born to two musicians, and began studying piano and dance at age 5. I went on to complete my degree in classical voice and jazz technique at New England Conservatory in Boston, then moved to New York City and enjoyed a wildly varied career as a pop session singer, writer for TV, and teacher. I have performed on countless recordings and over the years developed a reputation as a dependable singer, musician, composer, and songwriter. I have coached 2 American Idol semi-finalists, and most recently helped a long-time student reach her goal of attending Berklee College of Music! I'm a very proud teacher and truly love to share my love of music with kids of all ages.


As a piano teacher I teach students to become independent musicians by teaching them theory, sight reading, and exploring their own creativity. I have taken over so many students whose previous teachers 'showed' them how to play everything (which creates a quick ability to play more complicated songs, but does not include actual teaching!). When I ask them on the firtst day what a note is on the page, most cannot tell me. I am there to teach them the language of music so that they can play whatever they choose without total dependence on me! This should be the goal of every teacher!


I love all my kids (and adults!), and the relationship I form with each is part of what makes my job so rewarding! I make trust a priority so that they are relaxed and able to have fun.

Please email me from the CONTACT page, or my FB page:

OR call me directly at 646-489-6635 for more information! 

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